Hi , Thanks for visiting ! This website is a repository of DJ Mixes by Amias Channer .

The Mixes are a a variety of jungle styles with an intensity ranging from Atmospheric to Stomping but all jungle of one sort or another.

The mixes where prepared using mixxx, An open source DJ system very similar to Recordbox and Serato but free. It works on Windows , Mac and Linux with a huge variety of dj controllers, I use a Pioneer DDJ-SB2. For monitoring I use Bayerdynamic 770 pro headphones.

I used to play live on www.frightnightradio.net every Friday at 7pm GMT for an hour.

recordings were uploaded to this site with a tracklist and flyer.
you can find them in Frightnightradio mixes

You can find recordings of live gigs here and info about them at facebook.com/amias.dj

There are also some guides to topics around streaming and djing in the howto category

Below is a tag cloud , the bigger the words the more often they appear in tags, click the words to browse mixes tagged with that word. feel free to suggest tags in the comments.

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