NHC vs Zen Rockers @ ot301

This is a remake of the set i played at NHC on 10/12/2023 at ot301

Subjects – Time Tunnel
Bomb Shelter Crew – Keep Falling
DJ MUDAK 2000 – Promenade
Kessler – Onion Muncher
DJ MUDAK 2000 – 98
Sully – Werk
Blame – Icefields
Opius – Komorebi
Tim Reaper – Give Me More VIP
DJ Crystl – Warpdrive (DJ Trax Slice N Dice Mix)
DJ Crystl – Deep Space
Galvatron – R LUV
Harmony – Dream
Algorithmic – Pump Action.
Dev-Null, Dwarde & Tim Reaper – DJ Tools A1

Frightnightradio 29

Method One – Uplands
HDSN – Alright
Asymmetric – Nothing
Equinox – From Above
Equinox – Love Thy Brother
Tim Reaper – Lights Off, Heads Down
Worldwide Epidemic & Tim Reaper – Losing Control
Photek – Rings Around Saturn
Omni Trio – The Elemental
Chromatic – Junglay
Abstract Drumz & Peeb – Let Go Of The Earth
Polska – Translucent (Limit remix)
Method One – Stomping Grounds
Method One – Sightlines

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Frightnightradio #20

Brayzn – Adventures VIP
Tommy The Cat – High Drama
Tommy The Cat – Dub In Twilight
Law, Kola Nut & Tim Reaper – True Belief
Duburban & Jahganaut – Lose My Soul
Coco Bryce – Octopus
Necrotype – Feelings Are Real
Special Request – PULL UP
Abyss – Lightning, Earthquake & Thunder
Champa B & Tim Reaper – Forward Focus
martianMan – The Mysterons
Arcon 2 – The Beckoning
Coco Bryce – Cloud Busting

This set was broadcast on theundergroundlair.fr and relayed to frightnightradio

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Frightnightradio #13

Tommy The Cat – Ganja Warrior
Tim Reaper & Kloke – Tunnelvision
Leon Mar – Tha Men Who Fell to Earth (extended)
Tim Reaper & Drumlinezz – Deep Into Space & Back
Dwarde & Tim Reaper – Globex Corp Vol. 8 A2
Dead Man’s Chest – Open Your Eyes
DJ Terrace -Super Power
Scape – Spirit World
Concealed Identity – Yugen
Leon Mar – Running
Infest & Drummotive – To The Generation
Necrotype – Break Through
ELK – Déchoir

bigup all the artists for making and sharing their music.

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Frightnightradio #9

Sonar’s Ghost & Tim Reaper – Leapfrog Style
Kid Lib & Tim Reaper – PTSD
Om Unit – Sleepwalkers (The Mahakala VIP)
DJ Chromz & Tim Reaper – Nice ‘n’ Easy
Harmony & Tim Reaper – Bruckout
Tim Reaper – Who Run It
Dev-Null, Dwarde & Tim Reaper – Globex Corp Vol. 1 B1
Pete Cannon & Tim Reaper – You’re The One
Skeleton Army – Touch (Coco Bryce Rewerk)
Fend!K- Dance Rabbit
Thugwidow – Hard Rave Aesthetic
Hornchurch Hardcore & Tim Reaper – Brain-dead
FFF – It Began In Man’s Mind
FFF & Tim Reaper -World Championships
Coco Bryce X Dead Man’s Chest – True Rebellion

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Frightnightradio #8

KeeZee & Tim Reaper – The Roughneck Sound
Krugah – Left Alone Take One
Krugah – All My Dreams Take One
Ricky Force & Tim Reaper – The Craft
Law & Wheeler – Visions of Apparitions
Champa B & Tim Reaper – Forward Focus
Mahakala – Tomahawk
Law, Kola Nut & Tim Reaper – True Belief
Krugah – Funky Drummers Revenge Take 2
Mahakala – Desert Road
Concealed Identity – Zahir
Krugah – Open Me Up Mix 2
Pete Cannon & Tim Reaper – You’re The One

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