Frightnightradio #24

This mix is rercorded version of the live improvised mix i did on the radio but messed up because my ears where not working.

Omni Trio – Rhythm Methods
Alex Reece – Ibiza
Omni Trio – Astral Phase
Omni Trio – Serpent Navigators
Omni Trio – Trippin’ on Broken Beats (Carlito mix)
Fauna Flash – Free
Photek- Genesis
Photek – The Lightening (Digital remix)
Boymerang – Soul Beat Runna
Foul Play – Total Control (Origin Unknown remix)
Omni Trio – Who Are You (Aqua Sky mix)
Boymerang – A.C.I.D
Photek – The Margin ?98 (Doc Scott remix)
Photek – UFO (J Majik remix)
Boymerang – Mind Control
Omni Trio – Beyond the Fundamental (Big Bud remix)

Frightnightradio #6

Leon Mar – Tha Men Who Fell to Earth
Theory – Deep
LANDR – Sonic Rain Master
Om Unit – Underground Cinema (ft. Krust)
Harmony – What A House
Tim Reaper & Drumlinezz – Deep Into Space & Back
PFM – PFM – For Caron (Are You Ready)
Sam Binary – Sentinel Era
Bazia – Make Me Burn
Phineus II – Planet Of Fire
Forest Drive West – Circulars
Thugwidow – deep within there is nothing
Thugwidow – Television