Frightnightradio 68

Suburban Architecture – Final Call (Peshay Remix)
dj trax – Forest Dawn
Suburban Architecture – Cubic Nature (DJ Trax Remix)
Concealed Identity – Fabian
Ben Soundscape – Accord
Tom Lavery – Play it twice
Benga & Coki – Night (Neekeetone Jungle Rework)
TC, Caspa – Where’s My Money (Neekeetone Jungle Rework)
Egoless – Like A Nuclear Bomb (Neekeetone Jungle Rework)
Renegade Hz – Beyond Barriers
DJ Mudak 2000 – Rainforest Theme
Law – Holographic
Infest & Tim Reaper – Re-Entry
Rengade Hz – Firebase

Frightnightradio 67

4am Kru – Hurt Me No More (Extended Mix)
Soul Intent & Ms Tempz – 2 Bad
talvin singh – jaan-amar
martianMan – Not So Minimal
Kid Lib – Undiscovered Archipelago
Percussive P – You N Me
Green Bay Wax – The Black Label Series GBBL02 AA2
Kid Lib & Percussive P – Under Earth (Kid Lib VIP Mix)
Dance Rabbit – Fend!K
Kid Lib – Dat’s Wassup
Nebula – Astronomer’s Dream
Ackroyd – ND
Soul Intent – Deeper
Leon Mar – Step by Step
Rainforest – Analyze

Frightnightradio 54

PFM – Cruisin Detroit (Original)
Wetman – Change The Future
Sync Dynamix – Deep in the Night
Antares – A Look Back
Sync Dynamix – The World to Me (Original Mix)
Wetman – Like Wind
Harmony & Tim Reaper – Bruckout
THe Truper (Photek) – Truper3A
Pod Imiya – Dawn
Dead Man’s Chest – Urban Fossickated Octave
Tek 9 – A London Sumtin
Pete Cannon & Tim Reaper – You’re The One

Frightnightradio 44

Missen – Tonight
Flowrian and Pulsaar – Blue (Decon Remix)
Tuff Gee featuring Carter and Paul SG – Welcome to the Soultrain
lsb – Lose Yourself
lsb – Something Else
lsb – Bell Tune
lsb – Saudade
Soulstructure featuring Paul SG and T.R.A.C. – Inner Vibes (Vocal Mix)
Lucida & Greekboy – Square Rooms
Paul SG featuring T.R.A.C. – This Is Me
Paul SG – The Change (Malaky Remix)
Chippie – Warrior Chief

Frightnightradio 32 – For Martin

This was played simultaneously on The Underground Lair and Frightnightradio as part of month of live sets to support Martin Poison

No Nation – They Say it’s Wonderful
Tommy The Cat – In Your Eyes
Voyager – Still Waters
Voyager – Enso
Tommy The Cat – Flying Papers
Voyager – Shields Down
Drama1 – Final Sound (bonus beat)
Drama1 – Dub Fi Dub
Nickynutz – Truly
baithead – Regress
Omni Trio – Who Are You (original 12 mix)
No Name – Aurora Borealis

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Frightnightradio #24

This mix is rercorded version of the live improvised mix i did on the radio but messed up because my ears where not working.

Omni Trio – Rhythm Methods
Alex Reece – Ibiza
Omni Trio – Astral Phase
Omni Trio – Serpent Navigators
Omni Trio – Trippin’ on Broken Beats (Carlito mix)
Fauna Flash – Free
Photek- Genesis
Photek – The Lightening (Digital remix)
Boymerang – Soul Beat Runna
Foul Play – Total Control (Origin Unknown remix)
Omni Trio – Who Are You (Aqua Sky mix)
Boymerang – A.C.I.D
Photek – The Margin ?98 (Doc Scott remix)
Photek – UFO (J Majik remix)
Boymerang – Mind Control
Omni Trio – Beyond the Fundamental (Big Bud remix)

Frightnightradio #6

Leon Mar – Tha Men Who Fell to Earth
Theory – Deep
LANDR – Sonic Rain Master
Om Unit – Underground Cinema (ft. Krust)
Harmony – What A House
Tim Reaper & Drumlinezz – Deep Into Space & Back
PFM – PFM – For Caron (Are You Ready)
Sam Binary – Sentinel Era
Bazia – Make Me Burn
Phineus II – Planet Of Fire
Forest Drive West – Circulars
Thugwidow – deep within there is nothing
Thugwidow – Television