Frightnightradio #27

DJ Pooch – Mind body and soul 94 mix
Sync Dymnamix – For you
The Loon – Another jungle choon (Wail of the loon)
Suburban Architecture – Footprints
Alex Reece – Ibiza
Kazbo & Decon – When We First Met
martianMan – Feelings
Kingsize – Dream Tracking
Silent Dust – Another Sunlight (Dead Man’s Chest’s Dutty Drums Version)
Circa96 – Cave Dweller
Tommy The Cat – Park Sessions
Response & Sourpuss – Running Wild
Amalgam – WhatIFeel
Mahakala – Tomahawk
Sully – Werk

Frightnightradio #16

Tommy The Cat – Way Back When
Tommy The Cat – Urban Sessions
Zoomie – Time Travelling At The Speed Of Life
Tommy The Cat – Central Station
Duburban & Jahganaut – Another Realm
Tommy The Cat – Park Sessions
Circa96 – Cave Dweller (Dwarde’s Caving In Remix)
Tim Reaper & Coco Bryce – E Is For (Sonar’s Ghost Remix)
Infest – Cosmic Radio Chatter
Champa B – Cooking Up Ya Brain
Krugah – Insomniac Stylee Take One
martianMan – Unknown Amen
Law & Kola Nut & Infest – Refraction
PFM – Aspirations

Frightnightradio #14

I went for a slower 130/140 kind of vibe with this one.

Stefan Goodchild – 93, Brother
FFF – It’s Official
Stefan Goodchild – Silvah
FFF – So Special
Stefan Goodchild – Kyle
FFF – Weak Capacity
Double O – Poor Man Style
Mr Sensi & Kid Lib – New Future
Leonux – Survival Of Men
Marenn Sukie – Had Enough Rain
Voytek – XOYO
baithead – Get Up
P Rambo – Slick
Private Caller – You
P Rambo – Mighty Wind (Rushing In)
FFF – One Tribe

bigup all the artists for creating and sharing
bigup bandcamp for distributing properly
bigup mixxx for being excellent
bigup frightnightradio massive and crew for the chance to play

Cheeky Monday 1

me playing live in Cheeky Monday at cafe havelaar.

Circa96 – Cave Dweller
Raas Kemp – Amazonia
Law, Kola Nut & Tim Reaper – True Belief
Artificial Red – Behind Her Eyes
Tim Reaper, Melanie & Silo – Finite Motion
Abstract Drumz & Peeb – Bloom
Dev-Null & Tim Reaper – TDD
martianMan – Got A Dream
Phineus II – Everything On Earth (Kid Lib Remix)
Phineus II – X-Scape
FFF – Evolved As One
Blame – Star Traveller
Leon Mar – No Name
Ricky Force & Tim Reaper – The Craft
Worldwide Epidemic & Tim Reaper – Losing Control