Frightnightradio #24

This mix is rercorded version of the live improvised mix i did on the radio but messed up because my ears where not working.

Omni Trio – Rhythm Methods
Alex Reece – Ibiza
Omni Trio – Astral Phase
Omni Trio – Serpent Navigators
Omni Trio – Trippin’ on Broken Beats (Carlito mix)
Fauna Flash – Free
Photek- Genesis
Photek – The Lightening (Digital remix)
Boymerang – Soul Beat Runna
Foul Play – Total Control (Origin Unknown remix)
Omni Trio – Who Are You (Aqua Sky mix)
Boymerang – A.C.I.D
Photek – The Margin ?98 (Doc Scott remix)
Photek – UFO (J Majik remix)
Boymerang – Mind Control
Omni Trio – Beyond the Fundamental (Big Bud remix)

Frightnightradio #27

DJ Pooch – Mind body and soul 94 mix
Sync Dymnamix – For you
The Loon – Another jungle choon (Wail of the loon)
Suburban Architecture – Footprints
Alex Reece – Ibiza
Kazbo & Decon – When We First Met
martianMan – Feelings
Kingsize – Dream Tracking
Silent Dust – Another Sunlight (Dead Man’s Chest’s Dutty Drums Version)
Circa96 – Cave Dweller
Tommy The Cat – Park Sessions
Response & Sourpuss – Running Wild
Amalgam – WhatIFeel
Mahakala – Tomahawk
Sully – Werk

How to relay an audio stream with FFMPEG

In this page i am going to explain how to run FFMPEG on your computer to copy a stream from to another streaming server. FFMPEG is an open source program for converting media formats, it happens to support http streaming as well, its a command line program, it doesn’t have a graphical interface.

You will need:

  1. The stream address of the system you are streaming from
  2. The login details of the system you are streaming to
  3. An FFMPEG binary for you system
  4. A broadband internet connection

1 The stream Address

Most streaming services will provide an playlist file that points to the stream, this is typically in m3u format ( , it contains pairs of lines, the first starts with a # and contains data about the stream and the second is the stream address that we need to use. Your browser will try to open the stream for you so you will need to save the playlist file and open it in a text editor.

it should like something like

2. The login details

You will need a username , a password , a mount point , a server and a port to be able to connect to a server to stream it to, these should be provided by the station owner.

3. An FFMPEG binary

This is the file that contains the program , you can get it from the FFmpeg download page at

4. A broadband connection

Most peoples home connections should be fine for this without needing to be careful about bandwidth in the home.
If you have problems you can lower the quality to use less bandwidth.

So now we have all the parts, we can start the relay , its just a case of running FFMPEG on the command line and giving a lot of configuration options containing the data we just collected.


To get a command line press Win + R , then type CMD , you will get a black window with a prompt.

The command is pretty complex so i’ve broken out the configuration options into environment variables, with some example content, copy each line separately , paste it into your terminal but edit the values to suit, press enter to submit it.

set stream_address=
set login=source
set pass=super_secret_paSSw0rd$
set hostname=the.destination.server
set port=80
set mount=mountname/master

now you can copy this command in and run that , it will pick up the config you just set before.
ffmpeg -loglevel verbose -re -i "%stream_address%" -acodec copy -f tee -map 0:a "[f=mp3]icecast://%login%:%pass%@%hostname%:%port%/%mount%"


Follow these instructions to open a Terminal window , then in that Terminal where you can follow the linux instructions.

If you are less comfortable with the command line you might want to copy all of the lines into a text editor where you can edit them then copy paste them all at once into the Terminal to run them, doing it this way also makes it easy to save the configuration you use as a file for simple reuse and distribution.


Get to the terminal or a shell , paste in each line and edit the values before pressing enter. then run the ffmpeg line unedited.


ffmpeg -loglevel verbose -re -i $stream_address -acodec copy -f tee -map 0:a "[f=mp3]icecast://$login:[email protected]$hostname:$port/$mount"

Running and restarting

You should get text explaining what is happening , to exit press q or Ctrl+C

if you press up you can go back through previous commands , you can the edit and then press enter to re-run them. the values will stay set untill you close the terminal. then when you have finished changing the variables, presss down untill you get the big FFMPEG line, press enter to re run it.

Frightnightradio #23

Human Being – The Box Opened (Bedroom In Space)
Drama1 – Eternity
Drama1 – Dub Fi Dub
Damian’s Ghost – All I Remember
Drama1 – The Last Box
Drama1 – Need For Love
baithead – Regress
ILL BEHAVIOUR 002 – 02 Side B
Duburban & Jahganaut – Another Realm
In My Mind – RuffJam
Globex Corp Vol. 7 B2
Paradox – 7Arc
Raas Kemp – Amazonia
Wetman – Yes Gal Tune

Frightnightradio #22

Paradox – Soviet
Pixl – Outer Reaches (Scrase Remix)
Abstract Drumz & Peeb – Fire At Zero Gravity
Rainforest – Nine Nine Riddim
KIAT – Trench
Rainforest – Citrus Ridge
MAC-V – Hot For You
Altered Statesmen – Somedays Last
Amalgam – SeaTune
Rainforest – They Know
DJ108 – Knave
Amalgam – Altair IV
Dj T-Cuts – Trouble
Rainforest – Hard Times

Frightnightradio #21

Rainforest – Jungle Research
Tim Reaper – Globex Corp Vol. 2 A2
Necrotype – Chequered Spheres
maidable – Vow 誓言
Sophistakid – The Block
Amalgam – InstantLove
Kray – White Rabbit 白兔
Eligo Kontent – Nonstop
Amalgam – AboveTheLine
Sempra – Love + Joy
Duburban & Jahganaut – Lose My Soul
Amalgam – BigTime
Amalgam – SundayBest
FractalOne – Ektar

Frightnightradio #20

Brayzn – Adventures VIP
Tommy The Cat – High Drama
Tommy The Cat – Dub In Twilight
Law, Kola Nut & Tim Reaper – True Belief
Duburban & Jahganaut – Lose My Soul
Coco Bryce – Octopus
Necrotype – Feelings Are Real
Special Request – PULL UP
Abyss – Lightning, Earthquake & Thunder
Champa B & Tim Reaper – Forward Focus
martianMan – The Mysterons
Arcon 2 – The Beckoning
Coco Bryce – Cloud Busting

This set was broadcast on and relayed to frightnightradio

bigups Max, CharlieTP and Parody for hearding the cats to make this happen.

bigups the mixxx and ffmpeg development teams for sharing their work making this possible.

bigups the artists for releasing digitals on bandcamp

Frightnightradio #19

DJ Sports & Tim Reaper – Wormhole
Dust-e-1 & Tim Reaper – The Rush
Infest – The Patterns
Worldwide Epidemic- Addiction
Dwarde & Gand – Globex Corp Vol. 4 B1
Bazia – Kill & Kollect
martianMan – Vikings
martianMan – Unknown Space
Soul Intent & LaMeduza – What I Wouldn’t Do (Klute Remix)
EightOneEIght x Golgot – Fresh & Clean v3
T2 & Jodie – Heartbroken (Samurai Breaks & J-Wok Bootleg)
Exile – The Forever Endeavour
BABY SHAKER- Rubber Banding [Anorak’s Acid Mix]
Ruby My Dear – Uvula

Frightnightradio #18

Infest – Rushness
Eusebeia & Tim Reaper – Togetherness
Infest & Tim Reaper – Re-Entry
Sully & Tim Reaper – Windswept
DJ Sofa & Tim Reaper – At The Controls
Ant To Be & Tim Reaper – Alpha Centauri
Kid Lib & Percussive P – Lyrics
Mister Shifter – Dreada Than Dreada
Soul Intent – Love Me
J Kenzo – 79 Skatta
Rumbleton – Pressure
Sully – 5ives
Kid Lib – Lick A Shot
dgoHn – Invisible Sandwich

Frightnightradio #17

Junky Palms – We Get The World We Deserve
Junky Palms – Everyone Wants Me
Pixl – Frosts Of Neptune
Alley Cats – Drifting (Coco Bryce VIP Rmix)
Alley Cats – Night Swimming
Law & Kola Nut – Project Gamma
Tim Reaper & Kloke – Tunnelvision
Kid Lib & Phineus II – SeXXX
Dwarde & Tim Reaper – Globex Corp Vol. 1 B2
Mahakala – The Realms
Tim Reaper & Kloke – Ocean Currents
Bazia – Get Me High
88 Katanas – Blue Nine
Ricky Force – Angst
Acid Lab – Voyager

bigup all the artists for creating and sharing
bigup bandcamp for distributing properly
bigup mixxx for being excellent
bigup frightnightradio massive and crew for the chance to play