Frightnightradio #14

I went for a slower 130/140 kind of vibe with this one.

Stefan Goodchild – 93, Brother
FFF – It’s Official
Stefan Goodchild – Silvah
FFF – So Special
Stefan Goodchild – Kyle
FFF – Weak Capacity
Double O – Poor Man Style
Mr Sensi & Kid Lib – New Future
Leonux – Survival Of Men
Marenn Sukie – Had Enough Rain
Voytek – XOYO
baithead – Get Up
P Rambo – Slick
Private Caller – You
P Rambo – Mighty Wind (Rushing In)
FFF – One Tribe

bigup all the artists for creating and sharing
bigup bandcamp for distributing properly
bigup mixxx for being excellent
bigup frightnightradio massive and crew for the chance to play

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